Fly over Nazca Lines from Nazca airport

Fly over Nazca Lines from Nazca airport

Enjoy a thrilling flight over the Nazca Lines.


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Fly over Nazca Lines from Nazca airport

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Enjoy a thrilling flight over the Nazca Lines.

The UNESCO-listed Nazca Lines are considered one of Peru's top tourist attractions, but arranging airport transfers and flights to see them independently can be challenging.

Sail the skies with your pilot and admire uninterrupted views of elements such as the astronaut, condor, hands, spider and tree. Admire the UNESCO-listed Nazca Lines from the air on this sightseeing flight. Save time by organizing flights and transfers independently.

Marvel at features like the condor, hands, spider, and tree. Hassle-free round-trip transportation from Nazca airport.

Enjoy an exciting and scenic 70 minute flight. Learn about Nazca culture and theories.

This is a great way to learn about Peruvian history, offering a spectacular opportunity to see 12 of the most famous Nazca lines, including the hummingbird, dog, hands, astronaut, tree, whale spider, lizard, shark and more. .

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What Is Included?

  • Hotel or Bus Station Pick up in Nazca
  • Transfer to Nazca airport
  • Introductory video about Nazca Line
  • Window seat aboard Cessna airplane
  • Professional guide on board
  • Overflight of Nazca Lines, tour of 12 geoglyphs

What is not included?

• 10USD or 30PEN airport tax (TUUA) fee paid at time you board the aircraft
• 47PEN tourist ticket paid at time you enter airport

• Original Passport
• Appropriate clothing for sunny weather
• Hat, Sun glasses, Sun protection
• Water, Snacks

    Flight times may change without notice due to morning fog or poor visibility due to weather.
    You must wear double masks during flight
    You must be fully vaccinated and must show your vaccination card issued by your country

Fly over Nazca Lines from Nazca Airport
leaves every day and is available all year round.

Cancellations allowed with 48 hours notice and a $10 usd per person cancellation fee