Fly over Nazca with pickup from Lima

Fly over Nazca with pickup from Lima

Fly over the Nazca Lines from Lima. Ideal for lovers of history and mystery.


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Fly over Nazca with pickup from Lima

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Fly over the Nazca Lines from Lima. Ideal for lovers of history and mystery.

Fly over Nazca in a safe cessna plane. Ideal for lovers of history and mystery. You will be picked around 4:45 am from your hotel in Miraflores (Lima) and we will take you directly to Nazca.

The enigmatic Nazca Lines (or Nasca Lines) are second only to Machu Picchu as the most famous archaeological site in Peru. The mysterious geoglyphs at the UNESCO World Heritage Site range from geometric shapes and swirls to a hummingbird and monkey. Theories on their purpose include astronomical markers, irrigation canals, and alien messages—an enigma that has spurred intrigue since their 1927 discovery. The spectacular etchings likely date from between 500 BC and AD 500.

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$325 USD per solo traveler
$285 USD per person if 2 travelers
$265 USD per person if 3 or more travelers

What Is Included?

  • 4:10 am pick up from hotels in the center of Lima
  • 4:30 am pick up from hotels in San Isidro
  • 4:40 am pick up from hotels in Miraflores
  • 5.00 am pick up from hotels in Barranco
  • Departure towards Nasca. Trip of approximately 6 hours..
  • 11:30 AM Arrival in Nazca and transfer to the Maria Reiche airfield. Upon arrival, we will coordinate with the airline counter to register you and schedule the flight time, which may depend on demand or the weather factor. At the time of your flight, you will board the aircraft for the approximately 30-minute flyover where you will observe about 12 lines from above, the most emblematic being the hummingbird, the monkey, among others. Depending on the time, you will have lunch in Nazca or head to Huacachina for lunch. There you will have free time to walk through the oasis or do the buggy activity with sandboarding through the dunes.
  • 5:00 PM We begin the return trip to Lima to arrive at approximately 10 pm at the initial starting point.

What is not included?

  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Buggys and sandboard: S/.30
  • Tourist ticket: S/.47
  • Tax at aerodrome: S/.30
  • If the client exceeds 100 kg, they will have to pay for an additional seat on the overflight. Check the amount before confirming the reservation.
  • There is no guide service from Lima

  • Original Passport
  • Appropriate clothing for sunny weather
  • Hat, Sun glasses, Sun protection
  • Water, Snacks
    • Important
    • Flight times may change without notice due to morning fog or poor visibility due to weather.

Fly over Nazca with pickup from Lima
leaves every day and is available all year round.

Cancellations allowed with 12 day notice and a $10 usd per person cancellation fee In the Full day Nazca, if you reserve in advance, the refund for the total payment is up to 12 days before the day of the tour. If the reservation is from one day to the next, and the passenger in the end could not attend, the tax refund is granted in the same way. If the passenger attends but does not wish to make the overflight, there is no refund.